Spy Star Frontier

Exploring a new star system

10 orbits

1. Deam class 8 G

2. demon class with desert 4.4 G

3. 1.6 G temperate /desert

4. 80 % water 1.2 G

5.  Jungle- trobical 1.3 G.   have two nucular thing. planet is very old. 


green moon 3 g .6 g destroyed moons-best chance of finding gems.  and 1 astroid possible chuck from dead moon

6. Temprate. 2.3 G 70% covered by water no moons

7. possible hospitibal. artic and temprate regin. 1.8G 1 moon.

8. sub artic Giant 7 major moons

9. sub artic. rings unknown if moons

10 gas giant. Solid core-unknown comp. 


We send a mining package to the detroyedplanet to mine. Then wnet to planet.  found two nuclar things at each pole.  send probe down to north and put us in orbit around north. 

Found flying something 3-7 meter giant flying mantaray. flying aganst planet rotation. 150-180 of them. with multiple eyes and three rows of crystal.  flaping wings and glyding on wind current. 

5 setting laser carbine


lanched probe. – breathable atmospire. clouds of flamial gas. with bactial.  radiation is not bad. but with 1 Km of river is bad. 

when prob get back . tj and quinn do fly by for scouting.  found something dense that is pymind shape with a pipe. the pipe is 1K across and the base is 10K.  


50 K arae we blow a 400 m whole.  lots of of life flee.  a small flock of rays

Things Buck found

king crab- 3 meters in height- called Land Crabs
giant flying squrell with no fur. 1-1.5 meters throwing rocks
large insects Beatles.

Make land fall 3 days later. 

start traveling to base.  travel 18 hours. sleep for 6 . had a issue with flying squal but 



Gangs all here


The Reason is Born
Why are we together.

Star Date.  ???? This is the personal Log of Tel'ix. My entry start after we have set sail and are taking our first real voiage. The trip would give all of us cadetis our first real space trip. I spent the first port of call in engineering. From what I heard some how we smuggled some things on. It was not a good thing and the ship got banded from that port. Travel into the void was worst. One of the engines stoped working and there was nobody to help by me and [[:cindy | Cindy]].  I was also suffering from hallucinations. But when the call came we needed to get out there. So we went. We were out side when I noticed that [[:cindy | Cindy]] visor was cracking. So I pushed her back in and went out to fix the issue my self. I saw the engine pylon with what to be a hugh salagtite in it. Because of the damage it was not working and was causing a huge problem with our void travel. Luckly at this time the haluciantions were becoming less and less. I was able to reroute power. Not up to code but at least getting them back on line so we could get out of the void. In one peice. It was at this point I noticed something behind the ship. I dont know what it was but it had points that looked to be the same size and shape of what was in the engine. It was starting to game on us. So I released half of our fuel to stop it from over taking us.  The explosion pushed me back to the airlock and I was knowcked unciounce.  I woke up some time later after we left void space. My filed my reports and got lots of flack. They said I saw a void fish. I never said I saw one. I said I saw something. It is here where I realized that our knowledge of the void is very incomplete. I knew I wanted to go out and find information as it as trait of my race, but now I know where I want to put my focus to find out what every I can with the void. So there was a big debocale and Cindy decided that she wanted to spend time focusing on her graduation and that I was a destraction. I was ok with this. I had to spend enought time getting back the respect that I had as to many people thought I was going crazy. I finally got it back and I meet Doyle. Durning our next stop we were able to go planet side to a temple of knowlege. I met Doyle as he was the one who still talked to me. Well that is a little much he told me to watch who I talk to about what I  saw in the void. He is one who has a troubled past that he does not speak about much. But He is a good companion and I think our paths have crossed for a reason. After a while we were able to take our finial test and we graduated. I left  [[:cindy | Cindy]] a graduation present. It seems she started seeing a guy by the name  of Tod.  I Just told him that it was a present for him an that was that. Or so I thought. The Next Day Tod and two of his buddies paid me and Doyle  a visit  in the mess hall.Tod De cided it would be a good idea to puch me. after the first punch I took him down. Doyle took on the other and the third ran.  We were found inicent of the incident. Cindy realized that  Tod was a moron and she was wrong.  This got me the idea of getting  ship together and striking out  to find out more about the Void. So far I have a pilot, a lawyer, another engineer , a noble and I round out the crew as a Engineer and Robtics expert and starting my study of the void. All we need is a Science offercer and a ship and I think we have all we need.    






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